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Facts about the United Kingdom

Constituent Countries and Capitals:

England - London

Scotland - Edinburgh

Wales - Cardiff

Northern Ireland - Belfast

  • Official Language -                       English

  • Reg.& Minority Lang .-                   Scots, Ulsterscots, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Gaelic, Irish

  • Government -                              Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

  • Monarch -                                  Elizabeth II

  • Time Zone -                                UTC- (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT) 

  • Summer -                                    UTC+1(British Summer time , West)

  • Driving Side -                              Left

  • Calling Code -                            +44

  • Internet TLD -                          .    UK

  • Currency -                                  Pound Sterling – Great Britain Pound

  • Domestic Electricity -                     Plug type: G Voltage : 230 V Frequency : 50 HZ

  • Ethnic Groups -                            White 87.1%, Asian 7.0%Black 3.0% Mixed   2.0% Others 0.9%

  • Population -                                 66.65 Million

  • Area -                                        2,42,500 Sq.Kms (Approx)

  • National Flag -                            Union flag              

  • National Animal -                        Lion(England), Bulldog(Britain), Red kite (Wales), Unicorn(Scotland)

  • National Anthem -                       'God Save the Queen'

  • Main Immigrant Lang. -                 Polish, Punjabi, Urdu, Sylhet, Gujarati, Arabic, Bengali

  • Economy -                                  One among the top 10 richest country in the world

  • Familiar Sport -                            Cricket , Favourite Sport -  Football

  • National Food -                           Chicken Tikka Masala

  • Registering with a GP

  • Occupational Health clearance

  • DBS Check

  • HCPC Registration

  • NMC Registration

  • GMC Registration

Office Work

Registering with a GP and Why should you Register?

A GP (General Medical Practitioner) is a local family doctor. GPs are your first point of contact when you feel unwell.

  • Registering with a GP makes it that much easier to get help when you are unwell.

  • GPs can offer you advice and refer you to a specialist if need be.

  • You need to register with a GP as soon as you can when you arrive in England so you can see the GP when you are sick.

  • Surgeries work on an appointment basis, which means that you must phone ahead and make an appointment.

  • You can register with any GP in your local area as long as they have space for new patients.

  • There is no charge to register with a GP in England.

  • Prior to your first appointment with a GP, you will need to provide details of your medical history.

  • A nurse will also record your height, weight and blood pressure.

  • When registering, you will need to provide the following details: Name, UK address, Date of birth and Medical card details (if you have one).

You have the right to change practices if you wish to.

Many people switch practices because they:

  • Have moved into a new area.

  • Have moved outside the catchment area of their current practice.

  • Experienced problems in their relationship with the current practice.

  • Were removed from the patient list.

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