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The United Kingdom – The most preferred destination for higher studies

The United Kingdom holds a great reputation for its excellent quality of education and teaching methodology. The country is also the home to many top-ranking universities in the world, the universities in the UK consistently hold top ranks in the world and their student satisfaction rate is also higher. All these reasons combined, make the country, the most attractive destination for international students every year.

The UK, being one of the most developed nations in the world serves as a great arena for these students to begin their careers after their education. The country also provides a wide variety of choices and options for these young aspirants to flourish their careers through permission to stay and work on successful completion of their studies.

Higher education in the UK mostly comprises bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. As an international student, you may also transit to university level studies via pathway programs that generally include English language courses and foundation courses.

The undergraduate courses are created to support the students to get exposure to a whole new world after school and it provides a thorough understanding and knowledge of the subject of interest. The universities and colleges in the UK offer a wide variety of courses in humanities, social science, art, design, business, technology, science, medicine, aerospace etc.

The advantage of pursuing Post Graduate studies in the UK

The postgraduate courses are more specific involving in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. In the UK, most of the masters’ degrees are of one-year duration after which the students can become a part of the workforce. There are a plethora of courses offered in the colleges and universities to choose from including the ones with higher value in the industry.

The students completing their masters in the UK have a comparative advantage over their counterparts studying in other countries, as the duration of the course would be just around a year only.

Quality Assurance in the field of Education

The UK educational system is periodically assessed by its (QAA) Quality Assurance Agency through audits and reviews to ensure optimum standards are followed. The agency also identifies the best education practices and provides feedback for continuous improvement. Thus, access to the best quality of education for the students is ensured.

Academic year and intakes

There are three intakes available in the UK, the standard academic year begins in the month of September and so the September intake is the prominent intake. The other two intakes are smaller in comparison and are in the months of January and April.

Fee Structure

The expenditure on tuition fees depends on two main factors;

  1. The place of your choice to study (England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland)

  2. The kind of study you undertake (bachelors/masters/doctorate)

Financial Aid

Students who apply for their studies in the UK are supported in the form of scholarships, grants, fellowships and financial awards funded by the government / private or the institution itself. A lot of students apply for such scholarships and hence it is highly recommended to apply well in advance before the deadline to apply.

The new Graduate Visa

The new ‘Graduate visa’ is encouraging for all international students aspiring to study in the UK. This path is opened only to students due to graduate from summer 2021 onwards.

The new visa regulation gives all international students at least two years to stay back to search and secure jobs. The students pursuing a doctorate are entitled to an additional year in the UK.

Envertiz Study Abroad

Envertiz Study Abroad is committed to providing all our international students with a seamless experience during the enrolment process. Envertiz Study Abroad team will fetch you the right course of your interest and suitability at any institution in the UK.

The team will serve you with a correct itinerary and clear plan of action including the budget plan and associated financial support assistance. We also provide dedicated support services including visa processing and travel solutions.

Please contact us at:


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