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What to study abroad? : Public Health

Grand is the experience of studying public health abroad, much like embarking on an adventure. The opportunities are boundless! Your adventure through global health and local communities will take you on a roller coaster ride.

Dive into Diversity By fully immersing oneself within a new culture and healthcare system, one can gain a deeper understanding. Real-life scenarios are where the true learning takes place, not just textbooks. Insights that go beyond what textbooks offer...

The Money Countries demonstrate their appreciation for public health professionals through competitive compensation. Double benefits await! Not only a life changer, but also budget-friendly!

Time, The Flexible Friend With which aspect are you concerned about squeezing it all in? No worries! With choices for both sprint and marathon training, there is something for everyone based on your timetable. With various options to choose from, summer courses and full-time programs include.

Master in Public Health: Dive into the Details!

Course Structure

First half: Primarily focused on the essentials, engage – Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Health Policy and Administration. Just as a skyscraper requires a sturdy foundation, so does...

Second half: Time to paint, your own masterpiece waiting to be created! Specializations,esearch projects, and hands-on training are in store. Internships are eye-opening opportunities, so be sure to include them in your plans.

Specializations Galore! Take your pick! Other topics include Health Policy, Community Health, and Global Health. Pursue your passions and become an accomplished public health practitioner.

  • Global Health

  • Environmental Health Science

  • Occupational Health

  • Health Policy

  • Maternal and Child Health

  • Biostatistics

  • Epidemiology

  • Social and Behavioural Sciences

  • Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness

  • Health Services Administration

  • Community Health

  • Nutrition

MPH Syllabus: What's Cookin'? Semester I: With both theory and hands-on learning, a well-rounded education is achieved.

Semester II: Go beyond the surface level with Epidemiology and Population Sciences. Visits that provide hands-on learning opportunities are considered more practical.

MPH Eligibility: Who Can Join the Party? Fields of Green

Tech or health backgrounds commonly obtain the golden ticket, but hope remains if you're in a different area of expertise. With relevant work experience, a path forward can present itself.

Unlock Your Potential: Careers in Public Health The Job Marvels Having an MPH makes you a highly sought-after individual! These entities, ranging from consultancies to non-profits, need professionals like you.

Job Profiles Galore!

  • International Healthcare Worker

  • Epidemiologist

  • Healthcare Administrator

  • Biostatistician

  • Biomedical Scientist

  • Nutritionist

  • Environmental Health Scientist

  • Public Health Promoter/Educator

  • Health Consultant

  • Public Health Practitioner

  • Health Policy Associate

Show Me The Money!

Job Profile

Average Annual Pay Scale in INR


5 to 6 Lacs

Management Policy Advisor

10 to 25 Lacs

Tropical Disease Specialist

10 to 25 Lacs

Reproductive Health Specialist

20 to Lacs

NGO Director

30 to 50 Lacs

Outcomes Researcher

30 to 40 Lacs

Health Center Administrator

10 to 30 Lacs

Assistant Public Health Professor

10 to 25 Lacs

Community Activist

5 to 15 Lacs

Conclusion: Your Journey Begins Now!

Taking the plunge, are you ready? The experience of studying public health abroad is more than just earning a degree; it shapes one's life in various ways. Making an impact, increasing your perspective, and becoming a powerful entity in public health are part of the process.

Don't wait! Take hold of today and embark on this rewarding path. The thanks of your future self are sure to come!

Change is on the horizon when you earn a degree, so don't let it be just a degree!

Cheers for your coming public health endeavours!


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