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Envertiz Study Abroad enables students to pursue academic objectives in the United Kingdom. We value each student's uniqueness and are devoted to ensuring that their educational experience is both enriching and secure. We will provide expert advice and help in all areas to ensure that the student's journey is unforgettable.

Securing admission to the university of your choice

Students are frequently swayed or misled by the promotions of numerous agencies and agents, and hence fail to select the most appropriate course for them. However, at Envertiz Study Abroad, we recognize the critical nature of selecting the appropriate course at the appropriate university and hence conduct an initial assessment of the candidate and recommend numerous possibilities that meet their requirements. The initial screening process entails a variety of steps, including basic qualification, IELTS score, employment experience, and the maintenance of sufficient finances for living expenses in a bank account. We begin the application procedure only after obtaining the student's consent. If the student wishes to apply for a PSW (post-study work visa), we recommend that they first determine whether their degree qualifies for PSW by visiting

Application for CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies)

After the application is successfully submitted, the university will analyse it and notify you of its status. We collaborate with the institution to ensure the decision is secure, and we also submit any additional documents requested by the university and request CAS on behalf of students. The application process and examination will vary by university, but we will take care of it because we have an experienced team.


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Studying abroad is one of the most transformative experiences that a student can have. However, studying in another country can be challenging due to a scarcity of seats and increased competition. All students from outside the European Economic Area or the European Union who wish to study full-time in the UK must apply for this visa. Our group company Visaroots, a pioneer in visa processing, assists our candidates with their visa applications. We submit the student application and apply for the visa on the candidate's behalf. Our specialized visa services enable students to save significant amounts of time and effort. We always tell our pupils to trust us, and we will do the finest job possible.

Following receipt of the CAS and Visa, the next step is to purchase airline tickets. Envertiz Study Abroad will aid students in buying economical airline tickets. This is achievable as a result of our affiliations with airline ticketing providers. If students wish to book independently, we suggest them to contact us first to avoid overpaying. There are 470 airports in England and five international airports in Scotland, making it difficult for first-time flyers to choose the appropriate airport. We assist our prospects in determining the closest airport to their university.



The Envertiz Study Abroad crew will always meet you at the airport and take you to your chosen accommodation to ensure your safety and comfort. We want you to feel secure during your time in the UK and ensure that you have everything you require.


Candidates have the option of arranging their own housing. We urge candidates to select university housing upon arrival and then explore alternative possibilities after securing roommates of their choosing. While students sometimes perceive university housing to be more expensive, they will save money if they share rooms with their peers. The candidate retains the option, and if they are unable to get housing, we will assist them in locating one by directing them to various websites, agents, periodicals, and references.


Candidates who are new to the United Kingdom may struggle to comprehend the paperwork required to get bank accounts and SIM cards. We assist candidates in establishing bank accounts and securing mobile phone services. Prior to departure, candidates may contact our Study Abroad staff for assistance in setting bank accounts and SIM cards, as needed.


We have assisted over 5000 healthcare professionals in securing their ideal employment in the United Kingdom. Our knowledge and regular service to all major trusts and private care homes enable us to stay informed about new job openings and match the appropriate individual with the right opportunity.


According to the UKVI, a dependent is defined as a spouse or minor children under the age of 18. We employ a specialized visa adviser who is responsible for the planning and processing of dependent visas for our candidates. Visa Roots, a member of our group, will handle all necessary papers and application submissions.

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