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Envertiz Study Abroad is a subsidiary company of Envertiz Consultancy Limited. Envertiz Study Abroad offers students to select their preferred course of study at one of numerous UK universities, primarily in healthcare and supports them in finding suitable jobs with several NHS trusts and private care homes after graduation.


The UK government's support for international students in the form of scholarships and grants, combined with the overwhelming response from candidates from various countries, inspired the idea of creating a platform for deserving students to pursue their studies, secure a job, and settle down in the UK.


Envertiz Study Abroad service is not limited to bringing students to the UK, but we also assist students at all stages of their lives. Our service begins with assisting candidates in choosing the appropriate course; applying to the respective university on their behalf, requesting CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies), processing visa applications, booking flight tickets, picking them up from the airport, arranging accommodation, and bringing their dependents. We assist the individual in finding new employment upon successful completion of the course.


We recognise that each student is unique, and we work hard to make each student's journey both inspiring and safe. To ensure that the student's journey is memorable, we will provide expert advice and help in all aspects of it.

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