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After receiving your application, we'll do a screening check to see if you meet the standards of the NMC UK and any UK employers. In most cases, the check includes work history, a passport, and a scorecard from an English proficiency exam conducted.


As well as world-renowned NHS trusts, Envertiz also works with numerous additional private care facilities in the UK. We are confident that each and every aspirant candidate has a clear idea of where they want to live and what kind of career they want to pursue. Each candidate will be given a list of potential employers based on their profile after it has been evaluated. Now the applicant has the option of picking a company of their choice.

Our sourcing team's experts will work closely with each applicant to help them select a company.


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In the procedure, the Registration with the NMC UK is the most critical phase, and completing it on time requires significant skill. Our registration experts and technical staff are well-equipped to assist you in completing your registration quickly and efficiently.

CBT Training

The NMC UK assigns the CBT as the first level of competency testing. Candidates preparing for the computer-based test have access to the most up-to-date resources available to them. Once a candidate joins Envertiz, he or she will have immediate access to our CBT candidates group, which has over 600 members. Individuals who participate in these talks get a tremendous deal of knowledge and greater comprehension by participating in real-time scenarios that are debated with other people.

CBT Training APP

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For our candidates, we've created the "NMC CBT" CBT Mock Test app (available for both Android and iOS). Candidates can take practise exams comprising of a variety of questions using the app. Candidates will be able to review the questions and take the practise exam at anytime, anywhere. We put in the time and effort to keep the information current.

Job Interview

Our advisers will assist you in making a decision on a potential employer. Upon receiving confirmation from the employer, we will forward your profile to that company and schedule an interview with you at the agreed date and time.


Envertiz works with a diverse range of businesses across the UK, ranging from internationally known NHS trusts to a variety of other private care facilities. We understand that each ambitious individual will have unique relocation and career goals. After evaluating the candidate's profile, he or she will be supplied with a list of potential employers who match the profile. Now, the candidate has the option of selecting an employer.


There are numerous documents required for your job and the visa application process that must be obtained and given to the employer in the proper format in order to receive the Certificate of Sponsorship and begin the visa application process. To expedite the process, the assigned consultant will provide you a list of required papers in advance after you obtain the approval letter from the NMC.


As you submit the required documents, our documentation officer will evaluate them and send them to the employer in the proper format; they will also follow up with the business to ensure that you receive your Certificate of Sponsorship as soon as possible.


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The offered visa is a three-year Tier 2 work permit. There are two types of visas: standard and priority, which differ in terms of processing time. For the preparation of your visa application, we have a specialised visa processing desk. Additionally, we will prepare the visa application for your dependents/family members.

On arrival of your visa, you would be asked for your preferred port of departure from where you would be opting to fly to the UK, and accordingly, your tickets would be arranged. We will be sending you the necessary information regarding your baggage and things to be carried with you in general. Team Envertiz is pleased to help you with your queries about the travel, immigration, etc.



To ensure your safety and comfort, the Envertiz team always has someone waiting for you at the airport to greet you warmly and transport you to your chosen accommodation. We want you to feel at ease while you're in the UK, so we'll make sure you have everything you need. 


Anyone who is new to a place would usually be clueless about the place of stay, especially when they are in an unknown country with considerable baggage. We again assure the comfort of being at home, while you are in the UK. We work with a number of communities that will support the candidates to find the right accommodation further.


It is tough for candidates who are new to the United Kingdom to understand the papers required for obtaining bank accounts and SIM cards. We assist our candidates in obtaining bank accounts and mobile phone service. Before departing, candidates can approach with their specific consultants and receive assistance with the opening of bank accounts and SIM cards, if necessary.


When you arrive at the selected hospital/care home, everyone must complete the basic or first requirements. However, your job will begin on the fifth day (subject to quarantine norms) of your arrival. You will be able to resume your work and OSCE preparation after taking this course.


Passing the OSCE, which is the NMC UK's final competency test for nurses, will result in registration in the UK. Even though it is a difficult exam to pass, applicants who work with Envertiz may relax knowing that we will help them get ready for the OSCE. Before they go for the UK, the candidates receive OSCE preparation materials from us.

It's a truth and a source of pride that the employers with whom we do business value and care for their workers. Their facilities include scheduled training sessions and workshops with professional instructors and cutting-edge training resources to ensure that everyone passes the OSCE on their first try.


We have a specialised visa consultant who is in charge of the planning and processing of visas for our candidate's dependents and family members.


It is customary for this pre-departure session to take place in the last week before departure. It will last one hour and will be addressed by a member of our experienced staff from the United Kingdom. They primarily go through the points listed below in detail. It will be more of an open session where candidates will be able to ask questions and clear up any doubts they may have.


  1. General Guidelines

  2. Workplace Ethics & Guidelines

  3. Accommodation Ethics & Guidelines

  4. Covid-19 Guidelines

  5. General Instructions

  6. Open forum to clear doubts


DBS is one of the many other additional services extended by Envertiz to its customers and to the candidates. Anyone who needs to obtain a DBS from the UK may contact us to get a better understanding of DBS and shall proceed ahead with the application. To date, we have catered over 500 applicants with DBS support. 

There are various levels of DBS checks:    

  • Basic DBS checks;

  • Standard DBS checks;

  • Enhanced DBS checks;

  • Enhanced DBS checks with a check of the barred list;

However, in general, and particularly for the nurses “Basic DBS check” is sufficient. It takes about 2 weeks to receive the DBS certificate. 

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is the UK’s equivalent of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) obtained in other countries including India. The DBS came into existence in the UK in 2012. The DBS is a non-departmental public body under the UK home office formed by merging the functions of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) under the Protection of Freedoms Act of 2012.


Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) should be obtained and submitted by every individual who is planning to obtain a Skilled Migrant visa to the UK from the country of residence. If an individual has resided on a work visa or a dependent visa or a student visa in any foreign country for a period of/exceeding 12 months, then the individual should obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from that country and submit along with the documentation. If the individual has resided for 12 months or more in the UK, then the individual must apply and submit a DBS which is the equivalent certificate of the PCC.

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