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NHS – An Overview

A long-held goal that good healthcare should be provided to everyone, regardless of wealth, was the inspiration behind the establishment of the NHS in 1948 The NHS in England is still free at the point of use for all UK citizens, with the exception of prescriptions, optical services, and dental services. Every 36 hours, the National Health Service (NHS) in England treats over a million patients. It includes anything from prenatal screening to routine tests (such as the NHS Health Check) to treatments for long-term diseases, transplants, and end-of-life care, among other things. More than 64.6 million people live in the United Kingdom, including 54.3 million in England alone. For the first time, the Commonwealth Fund concluded in 2014 that the NHS outperformed the healthcare systems of 10 other nations (including those in Australia and Canada) in terms of overall quality. Patients rated the National Health Service (NHS) as the finest healthcare system because of its efficiency, effectiveness, safety, coordination, and patient-centeredness.

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NHS - Background Statistics

The NHS has a staff of over 1.5 million workers, making it one of the five largest in the world. To put it another way, England's National Health Service (NHS) serves 54.3 million people and employs roughly 1.2 million employees. Clinicians and general practitioners (GPs) account for 1, 50,273 of the clinically competent personnel, while 3,14,966 nurses and health visitors, 18,862 ambulance workers and 1,11,127 hospitals and community health facilities account for the rest of the workforce.

NHS – Pay Scale

The NHS pay scale pays Registered Nurses at Band 5 (the highest level). Pay and benefits for NHS staff are reviewed and revised in accordance with established criteria on a regular basis. The beginning band 5 wages is now £25,655 per year, based on the most recent revisions. The remuneration is based on a 37.5-hour work week NHS standard contract, and your actual earnings will vary depending on the additional money you make from working different shifts. See below for weekend and nightly pricing. Supplemental money is received for working during off-peak hours. These benefits are available to employees who work regular hours, or 37.5 hours per week. If you work more than 37.5 hours per week, it will be termed "overtime" and you will be compensated on top of your regular salary.


All-time on Saturday (midnight to midnight) and any weekday after 8 pm and before 6 am: Time plus 30%.

All-time on Sundays and Public Holidays

(Midnight to Midnight): Time plus 60%

**Please note that the Band 5 salary for Registered Nurses is the same in every NHS Trust across the UK.

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Relocation Package

The Relocation package is a specialised NHS trust/employer financial and infrastructural help for nurses who have to transfer from their country of origin to the UK and incur reasonable expenses.

For overseas nurses, relocation packages typically include the following costs, though this can vary from employer to employer.

  • Refund of IELTS/OET examination fees

  • Refund of CBT fees

  • Refund of the NMC application fees

  • Refund for TB test

  • The company foots the bill for the VISA cost.

  • The company has purchased a plane ticket for you.

  • Employer-paid OSCE fee

  • Provided lodging for a period of up to three months in advance

  • On top of that, we help with the visa application procedure for family members Illustrated can be changed at any time, for any reason, by the employer.

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